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indelible CAUSE is an innovative solution for individual, non-profit and event fundraising campaigns.

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indelible CAUSE can help you:

  • assist a charity, cause or event; large or small
  • focus attention and awareness
  • fundraise for your school, club, team or group

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The Product

We only use the highest quality and most durable smart device and cell phone coverings available anywhere, manufactured by khameleON HIDES, the new, simple and convenient method of personalizing smart devices. khameleON HIDES, are guaranteed made in the USA.

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The Advantage

Cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%! With indelible CAUSE you are able to capitalize on our highly visible method of broadcasting your message on the backs of the most frequently utilized and coveted devices ever invented: cell phones and smart devices.

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indelible CAUSE is the fund-raising arm of Headbone Unltd., a creative entity established in 1983. Originally intended to launch in a few months, after khameleON HIDES was established, an executive decision was made to launch indelible CAUSE prematurely in order to help out our dear, dear friend Pamela Brodowski who’s personal and health situation is such that she can immediately benefit from any and all help we can help bring to her. Therefore, this “Maiden Voyage” into uncharted territory for indelible CAUSE, truly is a voyage with a Maiden, who is well-deserving of assistance. As this is a rushed release, we anticipate a few bumps in the road, as we refine this process. To be clear, we are doing this with the intent of the utmost in integrity, and hope that any mistakes made are overcome swiftly and efficiently. Your patience, cooperation, and most of all, your participation will be greatly appreciated.
—Headbone Unltd.